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The United Canadian States of America

The Republic of Canada

The purpose of this site is to debate the question of The Annexation of willing Canadian Provinces and Territories. Should certain Canadian Provinces and or Territories have the freedom to choose a possible destiny as American States, or are they constrained for eternity to be mere pawns of Eastern Province elected “democratic” dictatorships? United Canadian States of America… Yay or Nay?

“Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder.” – John F. Kennedy 

Why would Canada want to be Annexed by the USA?

  • With our modern economy, the Canada/USA border is pretty much a formality.  With integrated; law enforcement; defense; phone and internet services; and culture, annexation would make sense.
  • Western Canadian Provinces/Territories would gain unfettered access to the US economy.  Western Canada would have State status and protection under the US Constitution, and opportunity to vote in the most important election in the world. As independent/united States, Provinces/Territories could even retain their governance style if desired.
  • America would increase land mass, resources and the addition of additional conservative States. Also, Western Canadians would enjoy constitutional protections, rights and freedoms… plus INDEPENDENCE!
  • Eastern Canada has continually pillaged Western Provinces by forcing equalization payments, that drain their natural resources without the representation they deserve. The East shuts-down the production of oil, leaving Canada to purchase the same resources abroad. The up-side to an identity as United Canadian States as a “country within a country”, would be the blessing of unfettered freedom and success! A burden it seems, many Western Canadians are more than willing to bear.
  • Under Trudeau Liberals, Canadians will either loose their beautiful Nation because of treasonous Globalists, or they will finally gain their INDEPENDENCE as Americans have, in a Constitutional Republic!
  • Is it annexation to the USA by consent, or annexation to China by conquest? #OChinada Even now Canada is sold-off by our Globalist politicians to the highest BRIBER! Does Canada have what it takes to stand up to China… after they own Canada lock-debt-and-barrel of oil?
  • Who would have the most to gain, Canada, the United States or China? Click here to leave a comment! Thank you.


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